Ryoko Suzuki


Japan is a country submerged in “cuteness”.
I have been surrounded with “cute” things since childhood and thus they seem natural, but I have come to believe this “ cuteness” is unique to Japan.

ANIKORA series 3 takes “cuteness” as a sub-theme. Along with ANIKORA series 1 and series 2, the purpose of these works is to investigate the desire of men to see “anime” or cartoon characters of young women with child-like face and improbably voluptuous bodies. It is easy to see how men’s desires are reflected in these characters, but less so how this way of seeing women is expressed in Japan’s culture of “cute” things.

Women who are immersed in the culture of “cuteness” define themselves and present themselves to society as objects of “cuteness”. Being “cute” is the most important value for Japanese young women. But aren’t they losing themselves and their own identities and personalities by trying to become objects of masculine society’s desire for “cuteness”?

And, another series titled " home light" focuses on the home where the family lives. To me, ‘home light’ means that when there is a light on in the family home it is a sigh of a happy home.

This series shows the final dream for people – a house for their families. However, a house on its own is just a house – it is only after people live in it that it will become a “ home”. While home light is a positive statement on how wonderful it is to simply be part of a family.

Written by Ryoko Suzuki

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