Moonlight Shadow – Jewelry & Photograph-
Mari Ishikawa -2010.7.3 ~ 17-

Text for Photograph works

Light of full Moon : Sun = 1:400000
Photographs under moonlight require longer exposure, which is a time of silence.
In that way, I look at the fluidity of time in the darkness.
Under the moon light there are grey worlds.
But when I take a picture of such a grey world, they show me different pale colours, which I can’t see with my eyes.
It is mysterious. I look into the parallel world.

Text for Jewellery works
The shape of plants attracts me. Their perfection surprises me.
For whom and why are they so beautiful?
The green colour of plants is mysterious.
This is because we can’t dye anything green using plants, even though they are green by themselves.
Their colour can’t be preserved. Green is a colour of an illusion, and only where life is.
Under the moonlight they show me profound, various grey.
They are just there and gone soon.
I try to resist this vanishing and keep the memories.

Mari Ishikawa

Education and Work Experience

1964 Born in Kyoto, Japan
1982–86 Master degree of art, Nara University of Education
1986–89 Art-Teacher, Junior High School
1989–94 Graphic Designer at "Aim Creates", Tokyo
1993–94 Studied jewellery making, Hiko Mizuno College Of Jewelery

1994–2000 Studied jewellery at the Munich-Academy of Fine Art, Germany
1999 Master student
2001 Diploma

Awards - selected

2009 Advancement award for applied art 2009, Munich
2007 Tahitian Pearl Trophy (2nd best)
2000 Herbert Hofmann Award, "Schmuck 2000", International handicraft fair, Munich
Böhmler Art Award, 1. Prize, Munich, Germany

Work in public collections

Palazzo Pitti - Silver Museum, Florence, Italy
Jewellery museum Pforzheim, Germany
Hiko Mizuno Collection, Tokyo, Japan
Grassi Museum Leipzig, Germany
Pinakothek Der Moderne, Munich, Germany
Ville de Cagnes-sur-Mer, France
Helen W. Drutt Collection, Pennsylvania USA

Solo Exhibitions - selected (since 2007)

2009 "Moon Light Shadow" Villa Bengel, Idar-Oberstein
2008 "Moon Light Shadow" Galerie Hélène Porée, Paris, Frankreich
Galerie Spektrum, Munich
"In the Shade of the Tree" contemporary Art gallery, Laren, Netherlands
Hnoss Galerie für Schmuck, Goeteborg, Sweden

2007 "Portrait – Im Schatten des Baumes" Bayerischer Kunstgewerbe Verein, Munich, Germany
"In the Shade of the Tree" Alternatives Gallery, Rom, Italy
Gallerie Bijouterie, Luxembourg
Jeweller’s Werk Gallery, Washington, USA