13 pieces 4 peace within 1-self
Ulrich Reithofer -2010.9.24 ~ 10.10-

13 pieces 4 peace within 1-self

ulrich reithofer shows jewellery-works about love, live, the universe and all the rest.

Wearable treasures, precious, for the modern and the beautiful

Join ulrich reithofer on his journey to original beauty, individuality and eloquence.

Traditional craftmanship combined with contemporary composition and philosophy; join in on the journey of unexpected beauty and personal peace.

The main source of my creation is the longing for freedom and peace.
“as long as we keep war in ourselves, we will accept the wars outside” k.murti
I am continuesly busy defining and broadening the borders of jewellery.
“By all means break the rules, and break them beautifully, deliberately and well. That is one of the ends for which they exist.” r. bringhurst

Ulrich Reithofer
18.03.1978 Wels/Austria
lives and works in amsterdam/netherlands


1992-1997 Technical college: civil engineering, Linz/ Austria
1998-2003 Fachhochschule Trier; Fachbereich Idar- Oberstein/Germany;
Stone cutting-& jewelry design: Theo Smeets
2003-2005 Sandberg Instituut; Amsterdam/Netherlands; applied arts: Marjan Un

solo shows

April 2009 'love in the time of credit-crisis”
Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen/Netherlands
Mar. 2008 “Raw-A fleeting taste of qualities long forgotten”,
Galerie Caroline van Hoek; Bruxelles/Belgium
Feb. 2008 “Spoonwise”,
Galerie Hnoss, Goetheborg/Sweden
April 2007 “Hoofdstukjes”,
Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen/Netherlands

group shows

Dec. 2009 'op voorraad'; Amsterdam/Netherlands
Mar. 2009 'SCHMUCK 2009'; IHM Muenchen/Germany
Feb. 2009 'Object Rotterdam'; presented by Galerie Marzee;
Dec. 2008 'Atelier Ravary'-workshopshow; Galerie Marzee,
Okt. 2008 “Sperkstret”
Czech Center Bratislava/Slovakia
July 2008 “the absolute part of the wholeh
Coin Museum Kremnica/Slovakia
Mar. 2008 “Handarbeid Nord”,
Projektraum “Goerres 10”, Munich/Germany July 2007 “Wood you...?”,
Kath Libbert Gallery, Salt Mills/Great Britain.
Mar 2007 “FUENF”, Projektraum “Goerres 10”, Munich/Germany
Jun 2005 “RAW-a fleeting Taste of qualities long forgotten”
by Charlotte Brathwaite; szenography and jewellery;
Het Veem-Theater, Amsterdam/ Netherlands
Nov. 2004 “Synchronize”
“UNLIMITED”, Gallery YU; Tokyo/Japan
Aug. 2003 Int. Graduation Show & Prize; Gallerie Marzee;


Apr. 2010 “outofthemind-ontothebody: piece of me. jewellery-workshop;
Concep & maintenance; college of enegeneering and design
SHENKAR; Tel-Aviv/Israel
Nov. 2008 “Move your ass-your mind will follow” jewellery-workshop;
Concept & maintenance; Konig.Academie Antwepen/Belgium.
Sept. 2008 “Verpakking voor/van het success” workshop;
maintenance; Hogeschool Zuid; Maastricht/Netherlands
Jan. 2008 “Move your ass-your mind will follow” workshop;
concept and maintenance; HDK Goetheborg/Sweden
May 2005 “MyPrecious-Stone” gemstone-cutting workshop;
concept & organisation; Idar-Oberstein/Germany.
Apr. 2010 “MIJNLuxus goes outofthemind-ontothebody”
SHENKAR college; Tel-Aviv/Israel
Okt. 2009 “MIJNLuxus goes official”
Gerrit-Rietveld Academie; Amsterdam/Netherlands
Nov. 2008 “MIJNLuxus goes confrontational”
Koniglijke Academie Antwepen/Belgium
Okt. 2008 “MIJNLuxus goes emotional”
Sperkstret-jewellery Symposium, Bratislava/Slovakia
Sep. 2008 “ MIJNLuxus goes for success”
Hogeschool Zuid; Maastricht/Netherlands
Jan. 2008 “Moved my ass...my mind still's following”,
HDK Goetheborg/Sweden
Okt. 2004 “MEINLuxus”,
Kuunsti Akademia; Tallinn/Estonia
May 2004 “KRRU-Geschichten auf dem Zimmerhof”,
“Borax’n’cream” jewellery symposium, Bad Rappenau/Germany.


2009 “PAN” Amsterdam; catalog; Amsterdam/Netherlands
2009 “Barocco-baroque pearl jewelleries by 24 artists”; catalog;
2009 Galerie Marzee Collection at St.Andrews;
2009 Galerie Marzee magazin nr.72
2009 “Jewellery compendium” Darling Publications, Koeln/Germany
2008 “Object Rotterdam” catalog, Rotterdam/Netherlands
2008 “weekend Knack – magazin”; Bruxelles/belgium
2008 Galerie Marzee magazin nr.65
2007 Galerie Marzee magazin nr.55
2007 “Unlimited” exhibition catalog, Sandberg Publications, Amsterdam/
2005 “Frame”, interiour/design magazine,
2004 “So-en”, fashion/accessorie magazine,
2004 “Galerie&Marzee collection”, catalog,

public collections

Marzee collection, Nijmegen/Netherlands
Hiko-Mizuno collection, Tokyo/Japan
Alice and Louis Koch Kollektion, Basel/Switzerland.
Rotasa Foundation, California/USA